By Marieke Delannoy

I received a link yesterday, with information about a font design, inspired by dance movements and on the work of Rudolf Laban. I realized again how broad the Laban Bartenieff Movement System is, and how it has inspired and still inspires so many people, in so many fields, and on so many levels.

The EMOVE certification program is a somatic educational training program in the Laban Bartenieff Movement System (LBMS). A lot of people think that this education program is mainly for dancers or dance therapists. But in fact, it would be a pity if only these professionals would benefit from the richness of LBMS. Up until now, only a small group of people in the Netherlands has experienced the full depth, wide range, and high scope of this comprehensive system. But we hope that many more people (in the Netherlands and far beyond) will benefit from it in the upcoming years, since it can be of such great value to support oneself AND ones profession in this ever faster and always changing world. As Peggy Hackney wrote in her book: “Movement is a way of knowing in all of life… Whether one is a dancer, an actor, an athlete, or a ‘business person, a fully functioning expressive body increases life’s possibilities.”

Let me tell you a little piece of my personal journey in the field of LBMS. As a dance movement therapist, I got to know the work of Laban and Bartenieff during my studies in the Netherlands. My teacher back then, was a Certified Movement Analyst and I was really impressed about her knowledge of movement and her ability to make connections through movement. Above all, she could bring a whole group exactly where she wanted them to be, using movement qualities that were present and available in the group, and gradually guide them and de-form them in movement, to end up where she wanted the group to be. This, and my curiosity and great interest in the work of Laban and Bartenieff, led me to start a certification program in LBMS. This was the best decision I have ever made! I thought following a certification program in LBMS would help in learning more about movement observation and through this become a better and more skilled dance therapist. But it gave me so much more. It opened up so many doors in life.

Here are a few examples of what exactly following a certification program in LBMS brought to me. LBMS helped me to get to know myself better and let me grow as person. Through learning more about my own movement preferences, I learned a lot about how I deal with things in daily life, about my personal blind spots and pitfalls, and (un)healthy habits. I integrated new movement vocabulary and new ways of dealing with things, new capacities and healthier patterns. Also LBMS gave me structure, inspiration and understanding as a dance teacher: seeing clearly what a student needs to learn and grow and getting inspiration through the system to structure the dance lessons. It gave me the vocabulary to teach better and give clearer feedback. LBMS gave me lots of ideas and inspiration for choreography, and it helped me see what I wanted to change in choreography to make it more interesting to the audience, to myself and to the theme I choose. LBMS helped me to become a better observer in dance therapy and made me choose my interventions more clearly. I found a language to communicate with patients, as well as colleagues about what I saw, why I choose certain interventions and what goals were important.  

And… these are just a few things LBMS brought me.

It definitely increased my life possibilities… 

Now, 10 years after having completed the certification program, my greatest passion is teaching and sharing my knowledge and experience in LBMS, so other people can profit from, benefit from and enjoy this richness.

LBMS is a rich and comprehensive system with many different possibilities and applications. It can inspire a lot of different people interested in movement and human potential; people with different backgrounds and professions.

Are you one of those people who want to benefit and learn through LBMS? You can still apply for Certification Program. The Program will start once in 4 years, so make sure to not miss out on this chance.

Note: More information about the font design I talked about in the beginning of this blog: and

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