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The Laban Bartenieff Movement System (LBMS) is a comprehensive system to observe, describe and understand the patterns of human movement. The system is applied in different fields for various purposes. LBMS offers an embodied theoretical framework describing the four basic components of movement: Body, Effort, Shape and Space and the inter-relationships of these components. . This rich system supports developing movement vocabulary, optimizing efficiency, refining skills, and enhancing communication and expressiveness. With these movement parameters, one can also create, analyse, document and integrate the complex nature of movement.

Rudolf von Laban & Irmgard Bartenieff

LBMS is based on the theories and practice of two legendary individuals: Rudolf von Laban and his protégée Irmgard Bartenieff. The interweaving of Laban’s theories of Space Harmony with Bartenieff’s “Fundamentals of Movement” explicate the nature of our human design in mastering and coping with our environment. Laban & Bartenieff’s students, and today their students, carry on their work in ever broadening applications.

Areas of application

As movement is foundational to all human endeavours, the program is appropriate for anyone interested in human potential. The LBMS curriculum is applied throughout the world in a wide range of fields including

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