Katharina Conradi

Katharina Conradi

Core Faculty and Co-founder of EMOVE

Katharina Conradi is a Certified Movement Analyst, Master Dance Therapy and Registered Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist. She works for many years as a choreographer and dancer in the Netherlands and abroad. Her creative work includes dance movies, intercultural projects and site-specific performances. Katharina teaches at the University of the Arts CODARTS in Rotterdam and at the Academy for Dance and Theatre in Amsterdam. She also works internationally as a teacher for somatic and creative practice in different settings.
She worked in clinic practice as a dance therapist in Psychatric Centre Delta in Spijkenisse and has her private practice where she offers dance therapy, supervision and somatic coaching to clients and artists.



Quote: “True embodiment, with a harmonic balance between inner sensation and outer awareness, is intrinsic to authentic expression. LBMS offers me ways to explore movement in these inner to outer perspectives and has enriched my life and profession profoundly.”

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