Certification Program

The LBMS Certification Program is taught using a range of learning and teaching methods including: experiential, theoretical and practical seminars. Focused work with a lens towards specific aspects of the LBMS framework, utilizing small group and individual tasks and assignments, and field trips are integral to the curriculum. As a somatic movement education program, this course follows a developmental progression through the structure of the curriculum . Over the course of the nine modules students will be guided to develop a deeper understanding of self, other and community through the the processes of perceptual awareness, analytical observation, repatterning and intervention


The Certification Program contains the following curriculum:

Connecting Practical Movement Experience with Theoretical Knowledge of the Laban Bartenieff Movement System

Learning through experiencing the theoretical framework of the categories Body, Effort, Shape and Space, including the symbols used for recording in each of these content areas. Each of these categories can be individually identified but are also contextually interwoven.

Registration & Tuition

Training is open to anyone who is motivated and feels drawn to this approach and/or who can use LBMS in their profession

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