As movement is foundational to all human endeavours, the program is appropriate for anyone interested in human potential. The LBMS curriculum is applied throughout the world in a wide range of fields.

Range of Fields

Dance, Theatre, Art, Music
Movement Practice (Yoga, Martial Arts, Qigong… )
Somatic Practices
Movement and Dance Therapy
Physical and Occupational Therapy
Massage and Bodywork
Sports and Fitness
Research and Science of Movement
Design and Architecture
Education and Movement Pedagogy
Coaching and Leadership
Digital Technologies (Animation, Robotics…)

“Like the students, my personal movement patterns as a dance/movement therapy educator shape my teaching style and reflect my personality. This has an impact on students learning. The (body)knowledge of LBMS and especially Effort theory and movement elements helped me to observe and develop awareness of my preferred use of Effort Qualities when teaching. This allowed me to make adjustments to support a more dynamic and attuned environment where I am able to meet my students in their different learning styles and engage them in meaningful learning experience. This improves not only my students, but definitely also my job satisfaction!”

Jenneke van Geest, Sittard (the Netherlands)

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