The Certification Program contains the following curriculum:
Connecting Practical Movement Experience with Theoretical Knowledge of the Laban Bartenieff Movement System.

Learning through experiencing the theoretical framework of the categories Body, Effort, Shape and Space, including the symbols used for recording in each of these content areas. Each of these categories can be individually identified but are also contextually interwoven. The relational aspects of these components are critical to unpacking the meaningfulness of movement patterns.

The experiential classes are somatic classes in efficient movement patterning, where amongst other things, we learn through experiencing Principles (i.e. Core Support, Breath Support, Axis of length, Dynamic Alignment, Developmental Patterning and Rotary Support).



Methods and techniques for accurately analysing movement and recording it in symbols. Observation and Notation skills are practiced watching video, in class movement, and actual life situations.


Community Gathering and Creative Approaches

Collaborative use of Laban’s approach to creating community movement events. The group learns about the diversity of needs and interests while individuals practice and come to appreciate a variety of leadership styles and formats.


Touch (Hands-on work)

Developing the art and skills of therapeutic touch. Content addresses the ethical understandings of using touch as an inroad to movement training, education and movement therapy.


Advising and Student Feedback

Provides participants with constructive awareness in the comprehension, manifestation and integration of the material. The participant receives one to one and group advising sessions, in classroom coaching, feedback on written and movement work and assessment on all projects and final exams.


Seminar in Movement Studies

Understanding the larger field of Movement Studies and application areas within the field. Seminars provide a historical context for the Laban/Bartenieff work including key ideas and core values of the system.


Final Project

In the third year the final project will include written and movement exam and a project of personal interest within the field of movement. The student will receive personal coaching from one of the tutors.








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